Welcome to ShibFalcon, the memecoin that's reaching for the stars! Our mission is to fund ShibFalcon's dream of exploring the universe, and we're thrilled to have you along for the journey.

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About Us

ShibFalcon, a small and determined dog, had a dream of exploring the vast expanse of space. Despite the seemingly impossible odds, ShibFalcon refused to give up on his dream. He saw an opportunity to make his vision a reality through the world of cryptocurrency, and thus he created the ShibFalcon token.

With the support of investors, ShibFalcon was able to raise enough funds to build the Falcon 9 rocket, which would take him on a long and grueling journey to a distant planet. There, he discovered a new world and named it ShibFalconia.

As ShibFalcon’s journey progressed, the value of the ShibFalcon token continued to rise, and he became a legend in the world of cryptocurrency. ShibFalcon’s story inspired others to chase their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. And so, ShibFalcon lived happily ever after, exploring the cosmos and showing the world that anything is possible with determination and the support of others.


Road Map

Phase 1

  • Website launch V1
  • Social media setup
  • Smart contract deployment
  • Dapp
  • ImageAI
  • ChatGPT AI
  • Auditor AI
  • ShibFalcon Space Game
  • 500+ Holders
  • 500+ telegram members
  • Liquidity Lock with Pinksale
  • AI development
  • Marketing push to spread awareness
    Whitepaper V1

Phase 2

  • KYC
  • Audit
  • Listing on coinmarketcap
  • Listing on coingecko
  • Website V2
  • Whitepaper V2
  • NFT’s for Game
  • 2500+ holders

Phase 3

  • 10.000+ holders
  • 10.000+ Twitter followers
  • 10.000+ telegram members
  • Major partnerships
  • Bridge to different chains

AI Bot

(Comming Soon)

ShibFalcon is a memecoin that plans to integrate AI bots, including ChatGPT AI, Image AI, Chart Prediction AI, and Auditor AI, to enhance user experience. These bots will provide valuable insights and information, identify trends, predict future performance, and ensure reliable transactions. ShibFalcon’s focus on utility and transparency makes it a promising player in the crypto world.


ShibFalcon’s Dapp is an exciting addition to its already promising memecoin. The Dapp includes a range of useful features, such as a Swap function with up to 99 slippage, allowing for seamless and secure trading. The Portfolio Tracker and Watchlist features help users keep track of their investments and stay up-to-date on the latest market trends.

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The Token FOMO feature enables users to discover new tokens and stay ahead of the curve, while the Live New Pairs function allows users to monitor the latest listings and trading pairs in real-time. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, ShibFalcon’s Dapp is a powerful tool for both experienced traders and newcomers to the crypto world.


The crew of the ShibFalcon spaceship created a space game that uses ShibFalcon memecoin as currency. Players can trade resources, build alliances, and explore the galaxy. The game becomes a huge success, bringing joy and excitement to people across the universe.




We are now audited by cyberscope 🚀🚀


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